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【星际2派SC2P CoM】暴雪官方星际2对战视频战报 英语解说

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[ 00:38 ]Cooper begins in the lower right of the map as red Protoss, while Kim starts in the top left as blue Terrans.

[ 00:50 ]This map is called Kulas Ravine, and some of the features of the map include a narrow choke point for access into the base.
这个地图叫做Kulas Ravine,这个地图的特点之一是进入基地的入口狭窄

[ 00:58 ]There's also an easily defended expansion area on high ground near each starting point. This expansion area is blocked by destructible rocks on two sides.

[ 01:13 ]A regular expansion point is available near each base that is easier to access but also easier for the enemy to get to as well.

[ 01:28 ]The middle of the map features a number of Xel'Naga watch towers, which reveal a huge area when captured by the player. Control of the towers is often critical over the course of a match.

[ 01:52 ]High yield expansions are also available on the map, which include high-yield mineral fields for faster resource gathering. These are highly desirable for players to control, but also difficult to defend.

[ 02:23 ]The players' scouts are going to see each other at this early stage. The protoss player has also built an assimilator to gather vespene gas, suggesting he'll try to quickly research the warp gate technology.

[ 02:58 ]The protoss player has still not built any zealots from his gateway, using early resources to try and quickly build a cybernetics core for the warp gate technology. He'll be relying on the vast size of the map to keep protected from early attack.

[ 03:26 ]The protoss player's probe scout runs into a marine, but some deft maneuvering allows him to get by the marine, and gain some valuable information scouting the terran base.

[ 04:13 ]The terran player is producing marauder infantry, which is a good counter to the stalkers that the protoss player is producing – the marauder's concussion missiles do bonus damage to armored units like stalkers. The stalker can shoot ground and air, and can also be upgraded with the blink technology, which allows it to teleport short distances.

[ 05:18 ]The terran player is building a command center to create an expansion base. The command center, like many terran structures, can be lifted off the ground and flown – he'll park this command center on his protected plateau expansion. The protoss player may be unaware of this expansion until he produces air units.

[ 05:33 ]The protoss player is spending heavily on technology – another gateway and assimilator, along with a twilight council. This structure allows the protoss to build immortals, tech up to dark templars, and opens up a lot of other choices for the protoss player.

[ 06:08 ]The protoss player has built a forward, or “proxy” pylon. Combined with the warp gate technology, the power radius provided by the pylon will allow the protoss player to quickly field reinforcements, further up in the battlefield, which is a big advantage.

[ 06:28 ]The charge ability for the protoss being researched, which will allow zealots to close distances quickly, for even greater effectiveness against the marauders.

[ 06:53 ]Superior numbers and a little bit of maneuvering allow the protoss player to win an early battle.

[ 07:18 ]The protoss player attempts to push into the terran base, but is repelled easily when two marauders unexpectedly join the fight from the rear.

[ 07:43 ]More zealots warp in to continue pressure on the terran player. The zealots are much more dangerous against the marauder, as the concussion missiles don't do as much damage against lightly armored units like zealots.

[ 08:08 ]The zealots' charge ability allows it to more easily chase down and destroy the slower-moving mauraders.

[ 08:28 ]The zealots attack straight into the line of terran scvs, trying to kill as many as possible to slow down the terran resource gathering. The scvs fight back and eventually repel the attack but not before a number of scvs are destroyed. The protoss player now has 33 gatherers compared to the terrans' 25.

[ 08:58 ]The protoss player is still apparently unaware of the terran expansion base, but has begun his own expansion and is building a robotics facility for higher tech units.

[ 09:23 ]Another zealot attack sweeps into the scv line of the terrans. Marines retreat from the front line to defend as the scvs run for safety. Newly built marauders help fend off the attack.

[ 10:08 ]The terran player makes a push on the protoss proxy pylon, looking to destroy it and alleviate some of the pressure on his base. The marauders kite the first wave of defenders away but newly-warped-in units finish off the terran attack. Warp-in technology is allowing the protoss player to maintain control of the middle of the map.

[ 11:08 ]The protoss player has completed an expansion. Two robotics facilities are up, and a colossus unit is being built. The colossus can be upgraded to have siege range, can walk up and down cliffs, and has an area effect beam, but it's not particularly effective against marauders.

[ 11:43 ]A protoss observer, a cloaked, flying unit, has scouted the terran expansion.

[ 12:13 ]The protoss player brings zealots, stalkers, and a colossus to attack the terran expansion base. Since the terran player has control of the watch tower, he's well aware of the impending attack and is struggling to break through rocks on the other side to bring defenders into play.

[ 12:33 ]The colossus walks right up the cliff and scatters the terran scvs, but the marauders break through the rocks just in time to take out the colossus before it does much damage.

[ 12:53 ]Terran hellion vehicles sneak into the probe line of the protoss expansion. The area-effect flame attack of the hellion is very effective against light units. After taking out a couple probes, the protoss player warps in a stalker, chasing the hellions into a freshly-built colossus.

[ 13:13 ]Zealots and stalkers attack the cluster of terran scvs, killing a few of them off before being chased away by marauder and scv attack.

[ 13:38 ]The terran player is researching cloak for banshee air units. The banshees can attack ground units and cloak themselves, making them invisible to all units but detectors like the protoss observer and photon cannon.

[ 14:08 ]Terran infantry and hellions make a push against the protoss position in the middle of the map. As the protoss player retreats to an elevated position, his zealots get stuck behind the stalkers, rendering them unable to attack. The terrans eventually destroy the proxy pylon.

[ 14:38 ]Two stalkers try to sneak into the terran expansion for harassment, but a newly-built banshee is able to fend off the attack because of careless control by the protoss player.

[ 15:08 ]Zealots and a pair of colossus force the remaining terran infantry in the middle to retreat.

[ 15:38 ]The terrans regroup with more hellions and marauders, while the protoss try to set down another expansion in the high-yield mineral area.

[ 16:03 ]Terran banshees head toward the protoss expansion for harassment while an scv wanders the map, scouting for other expansion bases.

[ 16:38 ]The terrans discover a second protoss expansion in the high-yield area. The protoss player lays down a few photon cannon defenses as the terran army moves in. The banshees cloak and attack the colossi as the terran ground forces decimate the protoss infantry.

[ 17:08 ]The cloaked banshees are forced to retreat when the protoss observer moves in, allowing the stalkers to see the invisible aircraft.

[ 17:23 ]Terran marauders and hellions flood into the protoss expansion, easily cutting through the defenses.

[ 18:23 ]The marauders sweep into the last remaining protoss expansion, with the probes desperately trying to chase off the attackers. Many probes get picked off by the marauders as they're kited away from the base.

[ 19:38 ]Another force of hellions and marauders sweeps across the map to finish off the protoss.

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